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Texas Adult Drivers Ed Course for 18-24 year olds

Taking a Texas Adult Drivers Education course online is the easiest way to get your Driver's License if you are between the ages of 18 and 24[new to State Drivers] & also convenient for 25. The state of Texas requires all new drivers to complete a 6 HOUR driving course before getting their Driver's License, even if you are older. This Adult Online Driving Class Texas is TEA-approved throughout the state, so it fulfills all the necessary requirements.

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Enroll & Complete Texas Driver's License 6 Hour Course
  • Consists of Nine (9) chapters
  • Covers the rules of the road in Texas
  • Includes topics on Road Signs and Road Rules
  • Answer 10-question quiz at the end of each chapter
  • You have to pass quiz with at least a 70% to proceed
Pass Final Exam! - Texas DPS Written Exam
  • It's only 30 questions long test
  • You can pass with just a 70% score
  • You will be allowed 3 attempts to pass - no retaking fee
  • Get your certificate of completion
Get Your Driver's License Now!
  • Schedule an Appointment for visual & road test at your local DPS office.
  • Produce the certificate and necessary documents to your local DPS.
  • Take your visual test at the DPS.
  • Take your behind-the-wheel test at the DPS.
  • Pass the exam & Drive away with your Texas Driver's License!
Texas Drivers Ed for 18 Yrs Old Online Course:
This Adult Driver Education Texas is the easiest way to get all your requirements out of the way, so you can get your Texas Driver's License and start driving.

Salient Features:
• Accessible online anytime and from anywhere
• Completely self-paced
• Approved statewide by the TEA
• Work with Fun & Animation

This 6-Hour online course is Texas Education Agency(TEA) approved throughout the state, which means it satisfies all the requirements you need if you are 18 to 24 years old and want to get your Driver's License for the first time. If you are 25 or older and take this course you will be able to skip the DPS written exam too.

Skip The DPS Exam!
The final exam for this Texas Adult Drivers Ed for 18 year olds course replaces the DPS written exam, so you will be able to go right for your behind-the-wheel test.

When you finish this young drivers online course, you will get your TX adult driver education certificate of completion. This can be presented at the DPS to sign up for your vision and road tests so you can get your Texas Driver's License right away.

You can start right now!
Register for the adult driving course and prepare to get your driving license online. Complete Texas Adult Drivers Ed Course and get your Driver's License by tomorrow.

www5.esc13.net/drivers/ - Texas 6 Hour Driving Course to get their Texas drivers license for 18 - 24 year olds

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