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★ Drivers Ed Course Level 2 Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Test Answers

Aceable Level 2, Chapter 1: Before the Drive

What is the name of the form your parent or guardian will need to fill out in order to prove your Texas residency?
ANS: Texas Residency Affidavit

Before driving, you should check for these things: obstructions behind the car, __________, and which direction your vehicle's wheels are turned.
ANS: Leaking fluids

How far away should you be from the steering wheel?
ANS: 10 to 12 inches

What is one thing you should always do before driving?
A) Adjust your vehicle floor mats
B) Check under the hood
C) Check for ants crossing the road
D) Adjust your mirrors

ANS: D) Adjust your mirrors

Where should you place your hands on the steering wheel?
ANS: 9' and 3'

Aceable Level 2, Chapter 2: The Precious Cargo

It's your _________ to keep both yourself and anyone in your car safe.
ANS: Responsibility

An example of an active restraint in a car is what?
An example of an active restraint in a car is _____
ANS: Seat belts

If you were in a car crash and weren't wearing your seat belt, you'd keep moving at the speed of the crash. True or false?

Who should sit in the rear of the vehicle to protect themselves from airbag impact in case of a crash?
ANS: Passengers age 12 and under.

Kevin was driving his 6-year-old sister in the front seat when a police officer signals him to stop. What is a likely outcome?
ANS: He'll receive a ticket.

There are ______________ crash-related deaths in the US every year.
ANS: Over 40,000

55% of drivers ages 16-20 who were killed in a car crash were ___________.
Fifty-five percent of drivers ages 16-20 who were killed in a car crash were _______.
ANS: Not wearing their seat belt.

Aceable Level 2, Chapter 3: Call It Symbolic

Where do you find the gearshift lever in a vehicle with an automatic transmission?
ANS: On the center console or steering column.

In what situation will you need to use low gears?
A) When you need more power at a lower speed
B) When you need less power at a higher speed
C) When you need to fit your vehicle under low-hanging branches
D) When you need more power at a higher speed

ANS: A) When you need more power at a lower speed

Emma has her vehicle's gear on reverse while turning the wheel right. Which way will her vehicle go?
ANS: Emma's vehicle will back out to the right.

The first option for slowing down is to release the gas pedal. True or false?

The controls of the windshield wiper and windshield washer are usually located on ___.
ANS: One switch

What can you use your light switch for?
1. The vehicle's high beams.
2. The vehicle's parking lights.
3. The vehicle's headlights.
4. All the choices are correct

ANS: All the choices are correct

To turn right, push the signal lever __
A) Out
B) Down
C) In
D) Up

ANS: D) Up

What must you do when the temperature light on your dashboard comes on?
ANS: Look for a safe place to stop and turn off your engine.

Alternator Warning Light
ANS: Light or gauge on the instrument panel warning that the battery is being drained.

If the oil pressure warning light appears, you know the engine oil is circulating at the proper pressure. True or false?

Parking Brake
ANS: Keeps the vehicle in place when it is parked.

Why would the brake warning light come on when you press on the foot brake?
ANS: Your vehicle's brake system isn't working properly.

In what position should you be to properly adjust your rearview mirror?
ANS: Sitting up straight and looking straight ahead.

To compensate for blind spots, quickly glance left and right over your shoulder and linger in the blind spots of other vehicles. True or false?

Aceable Level 2, Chapter 4: Let's Get It Started

What should you check once you start your vehicle?
ANS: Any warning lights.

In the process of starting a car, which step happens first?
ANS: Put your right foot on the brake.

The area around your car that you cannot see is called _____________.
ANS: The vehicle's hidden operating space.

Aceable Level 2, Chapter 5: Control Yourself

Novice drivers often _________ to decelerate.
ANS: Depend on the brakes too much.

To turn right, you pull the steering wheel down with your right hand. True or false?

Use the shuttle steering method to __________.
ANS: Make a very sharp turn.

Before changing gears to reverse it is important to __________.
ANS: Have a clear view of the rear window.

What should you always watch out for when turning right?
A) Trucks making wide left turns
B) A mother and her ducklings crossing the road
C) Bicyclists
D) Correct signal lights

ANS: C) Bicyclists

A two-point turn is ___________.
A) Making two left-hand turns
B) Making a left-hand turn
C) Making a U-turn on a roadway
D) Using a driveway in order to change directions

ANS: D) Using a driveway in order to change directions

Where do most crashes happen?
A) In parking lots
B) On highways
C) In rural areas
D) In driveways

ANS: A) In parking lots

You should always stop your vehicle by pressing on the brake pedal as hard as you can. True or false?

How can you successfully multitask while driving a vehicle?
ANS: Remaining calm and keeping your eyes on the road.

When parking uphill without a curb, which way should you turn your front wheels?
ANS: Towards the outside of the road.

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