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★ Drivers Ed Course Test Questions and Answers 1

Defensive driving involves _____.
A.) making eye contact with every road user you see
B.) anticipating other drivers’ actions
C.) never looking at the same place for more than one second
D.) having lightning-fast reflexes

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anticipating other drivers’ actions

The majority of collisions are preventable through _____.
A.) good defensive driving habits
B.) bad defensive driving habits
C.) good luck
D.) new technologies

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good defensive driving habits

When driving, you should prioritize _______.
A.) your phone
B.) the passengers
C.) punctuality
D.) safe driving

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safe driving

A defensive driver’s priority is _____
A defensive driver's priority is ________.
A.) efficiency
B.) speed
C.) handling
D.) safety

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Defensive driving is when you use driving strategies to minimize risk and help avoid accidents.

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Which of the following is NOT a basic defensive driving skill?
A.) A solid grasp on the instruments and controls at your disposal.
B.) The pre-drive procedures and adjustments to your ride.
C.) Scanning for hazards and adequate space management.
D.) The post-drive procedures and adjustments during your ride.
E.) All of the above

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The post-drive procedures and adjustments during your ride.

Controlling emotions is part of which characteristic of defensive driving
A.) Knowledge
B.) Alertness
C.) Foresight
D.) Judgment
E.) Skill

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Temporary disabilities like a stiff leg _____.
A.) won’t affect your drive
B.) will affect your drive
C.) only matter when it's your left leg
D.) only matter when it's your right leg

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will affect your drive

To avoid whiplash, the center of the headrest must be _____ your ears.
A.) higher than
B.) even with
C.) lower than
D.) around

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higher than

When scanning, you should be using a ___-degree scan.
A.) 90
B.) 180
C.) 240
D.) 360

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EXPLANATION: You know a defensive driver is one who is paying attention at all times to their driving and being aware of all that is happening in a 360 degree area around their vehicle. Defensive drivers learn to scan the roadway environment, not just to the front of the vehicle, but 360 degrees around the entire vehicle.

Mile markers appear as _____ green signs.
Mile markers appear as blank green signs.
A.) Big, rectangular
B.) Big, circular
C.) Small, circular
D.) Small, rectangular

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Small, rectangular

EXPLANATION: Mile markers are small, rectangular signs with white numbers.

Pass only ______ at a time.
A.) one vehicle
B.) two vehicles
C.) three vehicles
D.) four vehicles

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one vehicle

When passing another vehicle, when is it acceptable to drive over the speed limit?
A.) When there’s a broken white line next to you
B.) Under no circumstances
C.) When there’s a broken white line next to you
D.) If an emergency vehicle is behind you

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Under no circumstances

Navigational signs on the highway are often which colors?
A.) White or black
B.) Red or Yellow
C.) Orange or purple
D.) Green or blue

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Green or blue EXPLANATION: Navigational signs are often green or blue signs that provide vital information for navigation before the driver must decide on a course of action. For example, a sign can inform the driver that the upcoming ramp will direct you toward another highway.

Road users moving into your lane, brake lights, and abrupt changes in road surface are _____.
A.) rare at night
B.) indicators of potential hazards
C.) not worth worrying about before you reach them
D.) no problem for experienced drivers

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indicators of potential hazards

Abrupt changes in road surface or the shape of the road may indicate _______.
A.) you are close to your destination
B.) a dramatic change in the weather
C.) upcoming STOP signs
D.) a potential hazard

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a potential hazard

Which of the following is Not a time when wildlife is more active?
A.) Night
B.) Day
C.) Dusk
D.) Dawn

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In general, the farther you are from other road users, the _____.
In general the farther you are from other road users, the
A.) lower your crash risk
B.) higher your crash risk
C.) slower they are probably moving
D.) faster they are probably moving

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lower your crash risk

Driving next to another vehicle can sometimes take away the option to _____.
A.) steer around a hazard
B.) improve your mileage
C.) conduct your scan
D.) manage your tire wear

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conduct your scan

Give the most space to ___.
A.) the largest vehicle
B.) the fastest road user
C.) a potential drunk driver
D.) the biggest hazard

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a potential drunk driver

In low light, it's _____ to see details, colors, and distant objects.
A.) easier
B.) harder
C.) just as easy
D.) impossible

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Late at night, some traffic signals change patterns and become _____.
A.) WRONG WAY signs and DO NOT ENTER signs
B.) flashing yellow or red lights
C.) turn arrows
D.) inactive

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flashing yellow or red lights

Systematic searching is a skill that takes ________ to master.
A.) no time at all
B.) repetitive practice
C.) innate talent
D.) extra gadgets

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repetitive practice

A driver in a nearby lane that's tailgating a car ahead and to your side might be preparing to _____.
A.) slow down rapidly
B.) cut in front of you
C.) activate its hazard lights
D.) warn you of an upcoming hazard

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cut in front of you

The three-second rules help drivers to establish?
The three second rule helps drivers to establish?
A.) an early arrival time
B.) excellent fuel economy
C.) a safe following distance
D.) all of the above are correct

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a safe following distance

What is one of a defensive driver's most important tools for identifying hazards?
A.) scanning
B.) listening
C.) watching your mirrors
D.) turn signal

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Accidents are more likely to happen:
A.) On city streets during rush-hour traffic
B.) On multi-lane freeways
C.) On bridges and overpasses
D.) When one driver is traveling faster or slower than other drivers on the road

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When one driver is traveling faster or slower than other drivers on the road

The privilege of driving comes with _________.
A.) wealth
B.) responsibility
C.) entitlement
D.) status

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