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★ Drivers Ed Course Test Questions and Answers 2

Ideally, the backrest is tilted back slightly, so when you turn the wheel your shoulders are _______ the seat.
A.) not touching
B.) touching
C.) parallel with
D.) horizontal to

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EXPLANATION: The backrest of the seat should be tilted back ever so slightly, and when turning the steering wheel your shoulders should remain in contact with the seat

Which of the following is the ideal way to apply pressure onto pedals?
A.) With your entire body weight behind it
B.) Gently at first and then with full force
C.) Stomping with force, so it reacts
D.) By pressing gradually

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By pressing gradually

To move forward in an automatic transmission vehicle, shift to _____.
A.) Park
B.) Reverse
C.) Neutral
D.) Drive

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The most common pedals found in a vehicle are _________.
A.) accelerator, brake, and silencer
B.) radio, steering wheel, and mirrors
C.) accelerator, brake, and clutch
D.) brake, clutch, and silencer

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accelerator, brake, and clutch

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS):
A.) Help drivers maintain steering ability under hard braking.
B.) Allow shorter following distances.
C.) Result in shorter stopping distances.
D.) Allow higher traveling speeds.

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Help drivers maintain steering ability under hard braking.

A gear selector is ____________.
A.) a person involved in vehicle manufacturing
B.) a button you press to park your vehicle
C.) a lever used to clean your windshield
D.) a lever used to shift gears

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a lever used to shift gears

Which of the following is NOT a basic procedure?
A.) Oil maintenance
B.) Self-assessment
C.) Seat/mirror adjustments
D.) Vehicle check

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When leaning out while adjusting your mirrors, the side of your vehicle should be _____ in your side mirrors.
A.) mostly what you see
B.) just barely visible
C.) half of what you see
D.) avoided at all costs

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just barely visible

The driver fitness check does NOT normally involve ____
A.) checking the vehicle's odometer
B.) checking you are mentally alert
C.) ensuring you are emotionally stable
D.) preventing potential distractions

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checking the vehicle's odometer

Basic procedures are things.
A.) you do to register your car
B.) every driver should do after a journey
C.) you do to give your car a tune-up
D.) every driver should be aware of before driving

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every driver should be aware of before driving

Every person’s body is different, _____?
Every person's body is different, _____.
A.) But every vehicle’s cabin layout is the same
B.) and every vehicle’s cabin layout is different
C.) Making some people automatically safe drivers
D.) Making some people better fit to drive a sedan than a coupe

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But every vehicle’s cabin layout is the same

An advantage presented by straight-in spaces is that _____.
A.) it's easier to fit your vehicle
B.) you can have a safer exit if you're able to park facing out
C.) they protect your car from a break-in
D.) straight-in spaces are always in free parking zones

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it's easier to fit your vehicle

What is the purpose of an airbag?
A.) It cushions you from impact and from being propelled from the vehicle.
B.) It deploys to catch air behind you like a parachute and slow down the vehicle.
C.) It functions to assist your steering.
D.) It takes the place of a seat belt.

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It cushions you from impact and from being propelled from the vehicle.

Airbags are often placed in the steering wheel or dashboard to provide a minimum cushion of air immediately before impact.
A.) True
B.) False

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A vehicle's _____ is the entire piece of plastic that spans the front end of the passenger cabin.
A.) instrument panel
B.) control panel
C.) dashboard
D.) frontboard

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The ______ is the information center that drivers need to refer to when they're NOT scanning the road.
A. airbag
B. rearview mirror
C. instrument panel
D. steering wheel

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instrument panel(dashboard)

An important aspect of maintaining a safe space cushion is also to make sure you have _____ in the event of an emergency.
A.) an out
B.) blind spots
C.) no distance
D.) no options

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an out

If you often commute through urban areas, you may want to ___.
If you often commute through urban areas, you may want to _____.
A.) travel at the front of the traffic pack
B.) travel at the back of the traffic pack
C.) buy a bigger car to help you see over traffic
D.) plan your trips to avoid rush hour traffic

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plan your trips to avoid rush hour traffic

When checking your tires, it's most important to check their___.
A.) springiness and color
B.) inflation and tread depth
C.) inflation and springiness
D.) brand and traction

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inflation and tread depth

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