★ Drivers Ed Course Level 11 Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 Test Answers

Aceable Level 11, Chapter 1: Take Ownership

What is one of the drawbacks to buying a new car?
A) It will take more time to get used to
B) It needs a lot of maintenance at first
C) The price of insurance is higher
D) All choices are incorrect

ANS: The price of insurance is higher

Pete is thinking of asking for his own car for his birthday. What is a financial responsibility that comes with vehicle ownership?
1. Gas
2. Insurance
3. Registration
4. All the choices are correct

ANS: All the choices are correct

Compared with new cars, used cars __
A) Have more affordable insurance
B) Need less maintenance
C) Usually come with warranties
D) Have more risk of depreciation

ANS: A) Have more affordable insurance

How do you check a vehicle's suspension during a pre-purchase/lease inspection?
ANS: By pressing down on each corner of the vehicle.

Buying a vehicle is a huge purchase and you should always bring ______ with you.
ANS: An expert

What is one important factor to take into account before agreeing to a financing deal?
ANS: How much you'll end up paying in the end.

Aceable Level 11, Chapter 2: An Insurance Policy

Pete is thinking of skipping car insurance for the first year while he gets adjusted to car payments. Why is this a bad decision?
1. Pete would be driving illegally.
2. Pete could have to pay the total for people's injury expenses in a crash.
3. Pete could have to pay the total for any car crash repair costs.
4. All the choices are correct

ANS: All the choices are correct

If convicted of a major ______ violation, insurance companies may deem you as too high of a risk for causing a crash.
ANS: Moving

Liability insurance pays for the expenses of others in crashes caused by ________ under your policy.
A) you and other drivers covered
B) only you
C) other drivers not covered
D) you and your family covered

ANS: A) you and other drivers covered

Medical Payments Coverage helps pay for medical, dental, and funeral expenses for people riding in your covered vehicle, regardless of who is at fault. True or false?

Personal Injury Protection helps pay for eligible expenses such as medical, funeral, disability, and_________.
ANS: Lost income

If you have coverage under AAA or your car is under warranty, Towing and Labor insurance is necessary. True or false?

Comprehensive and collision coverage covers _______ of the insured vehicle.
A) the amount you still owe
B) the purchase price
C) half the cash value
D) the actual cash value

ANS: D) the actual cash value

In a collision, you should always check your vehicle for damage before anything else. True or false?
ANS: False: You should check to see whether anyone involved in the crash is injured before anything else.

What is something you should NOT do in the case of a collision?
ANS: You should not say "I'm sorry" after a collision, as it could be used against you in court as an admission of guilt.

Which of the following documents will law enforcement NOT ask drivers to produce?
A) Driver License
B) Proof of Insurance
C) Proof of Medical Insurance
D) Vehicle Registration

ANS: C) Proof of Medical Insurance

If your insurance agrees to pay your claim, they are legally required to send a check or draft ______.
ANS: Within five business days.

Male drivers under 25 are charged for insurance at a higher rate because they are _______ in a crash.
ANS: More likely to be involved.

Stella has never been cited for a driving violation or gotten into a crash. What kind of insurance discount might she be eligible for?
A) A Driving Sober discount
B) A Safe Driving Record discount
C) A Loyalty Discount
D) There is no discount for this

ANS: B) A Safe Driving Record discount

Many insurance companies reward customers for ______ by reducing their premiums.
ANS: Staying with them.

You can likely obtain an insurance discount by taking a drivers education course. True or false?
ANS: True: Several insurance companies offer discounts for taking a driver education course.

What is a safe feature that insurance companies may offer reduced rates for?
1. Airbags
2. Automatic seatbelts
3. Antilock breaks
4. All the choices are correct

ANS: All the choices are correct

What is a reason your insurance may be revoked?
1. Lying on your insurance application.
2. Failing to pay your insurance bill on time.
3. Filing a false insurance claim.
4. All the choices are correct

ANS: All the choices are correct

Chapter 3Aceable Level 11, Chapter 3: Don't Mess

______ is the dumping of trash and waste on _______.
ANS: Littering, land and water.

What is a consequence for a first offense of throwing trash out your car window?
ANS: A fine of up to $500.

The Adopt-a-Highway program allows citizens to rent part of the highway for private events. True or false?
ANS: False: The Adopt-a-Highway program allows groups to commit to cleaning up roadsides.

What is not an object you can throw in the trash?
ANS: Dead batteries

Where should you take dead car batteries?
ANS: Return car batteries to an authorized seller.

What should be recycled and kept out of the water supply?
Which of the following should be recycled and kept out of the water supply?
1. Oil filters
2. Antifreeze
3. Used motor oil
4. All the choices are correct

ANS: All the choices are correct

Why shouldn't discarded tires be stockpiled?
ANS: They're a fire hazard and breeding ground for mosquitos and rodents.

Vehicles release ______ that cause air pollution.
ANS: Emissions and pollutants.

What is NOT an action that will minimize air pollution?
ANS: Placing filters on your vehicle's exhaust pipes.

Topping off when filling up your gasoline tank helps lower emissions. True or false?
ANS: False: Not topping off when filling up your gasoline tank helps lower emissions.

Aceable Level 11, Chapter 4: The Gift of Life

How many people are there in the U.S. on a waiting list for an organ transplant?
ANS: More than 120,000 people.

Before transplanting your organs, all doctors and medical personnel must first ____.
ANS: Make every effort to save your life.

What is NOT a medical factor that transplant patients are matched on?
ANS: Body weight

What percentage of the U.S. population has signed up to be an organ donor?
ANS: ANS: 45%

What does the heart symbol on a driver license signify?
ANS: Organ donor

★ Drivers Ed Course Level 12 chapter 1 Test Answers

Aceable Level 12, Chapter 1: A License to Drive

What is not a pre-drive task?
ANS: Putting the car in park.

Where should you put your hands on the steering wheel?
A) 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock.
B) Midnight
C) 6 o'clock and 3 o'clock.
D) 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock.

ANS: A) 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock.

Some countermeasures for divided attention include....
ANS: Knowing where your turn signal lever is located in your vehicle.

Discarded batteries should be taken to _______.
ANS: An authorized dealer.

You are responsible for passengers under the age of _____ wearing seat belts.
ANS: 17

To change gears from Park to Drive, you must first ______.
A) Move the gearshift from Park to Drive
B) Press the brake pedal with your right foot
C) Turn the car off
D) Put your right foot on the accelerator

ANS: B) Press the brake pedal with your right foot

The first step you should take to decelerate is to _______.
A) Use the emergency brake
B) Hit the brake pedal
C) Release pressure on the accelerator
D) Put the car in neutral

ANS: C) Release pressure on the accelerator

What do you NOT need to check for when locking the vehicle?
ANS: Lost bots

When adjusting your mirrors, how should you be sitting?
ANS: Sitting up in the driver's seat.

What is the vehicle operating space?
ANS: The space around the vehicle that cannot be seen from the driver's seat.

SEE iT is an example of a ______ system.
ANS: Space management

What is not a type of driving environment?
ANS: Railroad

The brake warning light means ______.
ANS: The brake system needs maintenance.

What is NOT a step required to obtain your Class C license?
ANS: You must have at least 1 year of driving experience.

What's the earliest you can complete the Impact Texas Teen Drivers course before your behind-the-wheel exam?
ANS: 90 days before

Once you obtain your Class C license at 16, you are free to drive your group of friends everywhere. True or false?
ANS: False: You cannot have more than one passenger under 21 who isn't a family member until you turn 18.

To turn off your vehicle, you need to put your vehicle in _______.
ANS: Park

There are Driver Education courses that can get you a ________.
ANS: Discount on auto insurance.

All Aceable drivers make ____ and _____ decisions while driving.
ANS: Legal, responsible.

Checking your tires' air pressure will help prevent __
A) All choices are correct
B) Blowouts
C) Skidding
D) Flat tires

ANS: A) All choices are correct

Where is the best place to change your flat tire?
ANS: a flat surface.

What should you keep in your vehicle in case of emergencies?
ANS: a wrench, spare tire, and jumper cables

When changing a tire, turning the nuts ____ will loosen them.
ANS: counter-clockwise

Turning the nuts clockwise will ____ them.
ANS: tighten

What is the maximum distance you should drive on a spare tire?
ANS: 50 miles

If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, it's time to get new tires.

Over-inflated tires are more likely to have a blowout, and under-inflated tires wear the sides of the tire.

Check your battery terminals to make sure they are not ____.
ANS: loose

When using jumper cables, how should the "booster" vehicle be parked in relation to the "dead" vehicle?
ANS: facing each other

Most positive battery terminals are ______.
ANS: red

On the dead vehicle, where should you place the black jumper cable?
ANS: on an unpainted metal surface

If someone is tailgating you, you should:
ANS: move into another lane

You are driving on a highway where the posted speed limit is 70mph. The traffic around you is driving 75mph. How fast can you legally drive?
ANS: 70

When passing a car, it's safe to return to your original driving lane when
ANS: headlights are in review mirror

When driving in fog, use your _
ANS: lower beam headlights

What kind of roadways freeze first when wet?
ANS: bridges

You may only drive in a biking lane _...
ANS: less than 200ft before making a right turn

You need to increase your following distance when:
A) There is no traffic
B) You are slowing down
C) Your vision is clear
D) You are being tailgated

ANS: D) You are being tailgated

The suggested safe following distance for drivers is __ seconds
A) 3
B) 6
C) 2
D) 1

ANS: A) 3

Increase your following distance if you are following a :
a. Passenger car
b. Station wagon
c. Motorcycle.

ANS: motorcycle

Increase your following distance in ____.
1. driving in poor/inclement weather
2. being tailgated,
3. following large trucks
4. All choices are correct.

ANS: All choices are correct.

you should increase your following distance when you are _____. aceable quizlet
following a motorcycle.
driving behind a large vehicle
driving in bad weather
All choices are correct.

ANS: All choices are correct.

Yellow pavement markings are used to separate :
ANS: traffic lanes on one way streets

When caring for an injured person, you should :
ANS: move them from fire, traffic, and apply pressure to wounds

Which of these is not a type of license?
ANS: Class J

What does it mean to "yield the right-of-way?"
ANS: allowing other vehicle(s) to proceed before you

If you hear sirens and see emergency lights behind you, what should you do?
ANS: Pull over to the right

If parking near a corner, you should stay at least ____ away from the crosswalk.
ANS: 20 feet

It is legal to turn right at a red traffic light if your path is clear and there are no signs prohibiting it

You're approaching a flashing red traffic light at an intersection. What should you do?
ANS: Stop completely, then drive ahead when the intersection is clear.

If a driver refuses to take a breath alcohol test requested by a police officer, the driver will
ANS: have their license suspended for violating the Implied Consent law

In which situation should you use high beams?
ANS: when you're alone on a poorly lit road

Areas around your vehicle which can't be seen in your mirrors are called .
ANS: blind spots

Broken lines painted on the pavement mean .
ANS: the line may be crossed

At a T-intersection, yield the right of way to drivers .
ANS: on the through road

If you must pass another vehicle, it's best to do so on the .
ANS: left

How far in advance of making a turn do you have to activate your turn signal?
ANS: 100 feet

The State of Texas has a policy for minors driving under the influence.
ANS: Zero Tolerance

If a police officer follows you with lights and sirens on, what should you do?
ANS: Pull over to the right of the road.

If you need to reach into your console or glovebox for your documentation, what should you do?
ANS: ask permission of the officer and do it slowly

Amedee Bollee created the first___.
ANS: steam powered engine

__ ____ and ___ ___ created the first gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine.
ANS: Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler

The Model T was created in expensively due to ___.
ANS: assembly line procedures.