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Enter a Curve Slower than the Posted Speed, Following Another Vehicle into a Curve, Gravity Effect

Enter a curve slower than the posted speed if your vehicle has a high center of gravity or if surface _____________ is less than ideal.
A.) Traction
B.) Speed
C.) Energy
D.) Maneuvers

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If you are traveling where there are sharp curves, stay to the _____________and tap your horn before entering blind curves.
A.) right
B.) left
C.) center
D.) top

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For safety concerning a curve, you should:
A.) shift to a higher gear
B.) adjust your speed to the current road conditions
C.) decelerate before the curve
D.) accelerate while driving up the curve

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decelerate before the curve

__________ turn your vehicle around near blind curves or on hills where you cannot see well down the roadway in all directions.
A.) Never
B.) Often
C.) Sometimes
D.) Always

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Some expressways are curved, banked and designed to maximize ___________ at higher speeds.
A.) Conflict
B.) Traffic
C.) Acceleration
D.) Safety

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Vehicle _______ systems are designed to reduce effects of gravity, centrifugal force in curves and the force of impact.
A.) Tire
B.) Brake
C.) Exhaust
D.) Steering

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Do not brake in the curve, this action moves the weight of your vehicle ____________ putting a strain on your tires, which could cause a blowout.
A.) Backward
B.) Sideways
C.) Forward
D.) Upward

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If you are following another vehicle into a curve, drop back and create a ______ cushion to maneuver in the event that the driver ahead has a problem.
A.) Hazard
B.) Visibility
C.) Traffic
D.) Space

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When conducting _______ recovery, it is important to resist the vehicle's pull in the direction of the shoulder and not over-correct or jerk the steering wheel in the direction of the road.
A.) Micro-sleep
B.) Blind curve
C.) Off-road
D.) Alcohol

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Blind curve

If you are going right into a curve, ___________ will pull your vehicle to the center of the road, or possibly into an oncoming traffic lane.
A.) Braking
B.) Inertia
C.) Gravity
D.) Acceleration

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Sharp curves require you to reduce ___________ in order to prevent your vehicle from losing traction, leaving the road, or turning over.
A.) Visibility
B.) Braking
C.) Speed
D.) Traction

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Two-lane roadways may have dangerous __________, hills and intersections.
A.) Signals
B.) Curves
C.) Interchanges
D.) Signs

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