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Maryland Driving Improvement Safety Course Test Answers

Lack of knowledge of the driving laws is:
A.) cause for dismissal of your court fines
B.) cause to request a DMV hearing
C.) no excuse for any violation

ANSWER: no excuse for any violation

On January 1, 1990, Marylands administrative PER SE LAW became effective. This law provides for a police officer to:
A.) confiscate a persons driver's license at the time of arrest for intoxicated driving or related violations
B.) serve an order of suspension on the driver
C.) both of the above

ANSWER: both of the above

You need to renew your license and it expired over a year ago.Now, since it has been over a year, you must do whichof the following?:
A.) submit a new license application
B.) take a new vision test
C.) take the law and driving test
D.) all of the above

ANSWER: all of the above

If you wish to request an administrative hearing on your suspension, you must do so in writing within how many days?
ANSWER: 15 days

The Federal Highway Administration uses a program called __________ to assist in determining appropriate speed limits.
EXPLANATION: Program used to determine speed limits - The Federal Highway Administration uses a program called USLIMITS to assist in determining appropriate speed limits.

You can only order a copy of your driving record ONLINE, if you have:
ANSWER: An MVA pin #

The Motor Vehicle Administration may suspend your driving privilege anytime you are considered to be an unfit, unsafe driver. However, the administration MUST mail a letter of suspension under the point system upon the accumulation of:
ANSWER: 8 points

A payment of a fine, without appearing in court, is the same as:
ANSWER: a conviction of the charges

Your driver's license must be renewed every:
Your drivers license is renewed every
ANSWER: 5 years

Possession of more than one copy of a driver's license is:
ANSWER: illegal

You can lend your driver's license to another person:
ANSWER: never

If you are convicted for driving 30 mph over the posted speed limit, how many points will be assessed to your driving record?
ANSWER: 5 points

Whenever convictions occur on multiple charges committed at the same time, points are assessed only to the violation that has:
ANSWER: the highest point value

A person whose license has been revoked for the first time is not eligible for reinstatement for:
ANSWER: 6 months

A person with a blood alcohol test result of 0.08 or more may request a hearing to show cause why their driver's license should not be suspended. This request must be within:
ANSWER: 10 days of the violation

For refusing to consent to a chemical test for the presence of alcohol, your driver's license would be:
ANSWER: suspended for 120 days for the first offense

A person driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of 0.07 is:
ANSWER: Driving while impaired

Under Maryland law, a person may not drive, or attempt to drive, any vehicle while under the influence (DUI). This would be an alcohol concentration of:
ANSWER: 0.08

Under certain conditions, an individual who initially refused to take a test for alcohol concentration, may withdraw the initial refusal and consent to take the test. These conditions include:
A.) availability of a qualified individual to administer the test within a certain time frame
B.) whether the consent after the initial refusal was while the individual was still in police custody
C.) both answers

ANSWER: both answers

Manslaughter or negligent homicide resulting from the operation of a motor vehicle;
Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any other drug;
Any felony in the commission of which a motor vehicle is used.
ANSWER: violations which warrant 12 points

Your privilege to drive CANNOT be lost if you commit a violation that has NO points associated with it.
ANSWER: Correct! If you commit certain violations, even though you may not get any points, you can still lose your license - example of this type of violation: Failure to appear for trial or to pay a fine

For a DUI conviction, the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) assesses:
ANSWER: 12 points on your driving record

According to Maryland Motor Vehicle law, the term IMPLIED CONSENT means:
ANSWER: you have consented to take a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol level

A person convicted for the first time of driving while under the influence could be sentenced up to:
ANSWER: 1 year in jail

Ignorance of the Implied Consent Law means that you will be excused from punishment for refusal to submit to chemical test of BAC.
ANSWER: false

For a chemical test refusal, the MVA will suspend your license for _______ days for a first offense.

DUI is the same as DWI:
ANSWER: In Maryland, DWI means Driving While Impaired and DUI means Drivng while Under the Influence. They are different offenses - but neither is good! You are becoming a more informed and educated driver.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant:
ANSWER: true

The drug considered the number one killer is:
ANSWER: alchohol

Alcohol is a drug:
ANSWER: true

A person's ability to drive is impaired by alcohol because the following are affected:
A.) sight and hearing
B.) judgement and cordination
C.) all of the above

ANSWER: all of the above

The average person eliminates alcohol at the rate of:
ANSWER: one drink per hour

Which of the following drinks has the highest alcohol content:
ANSWER: all of the above are equal alcohol content

How many pints of blood does a person have for every 14 pounds of body weight?
ANSWER: one pint

The blood stream is made up of:
ANSWER: 78% water

Which of the following actions allow people to sober up:
ANSWER: letting the time pass

Marijuana may influence your ability to think or drive for:
ANSWER: several hours after the high has passed

Marijuana may influence your ability to think or drive for:
ANSWER: several hours after the joint is smoked

Cocaine is a short-acting drug:

Crack is an especially dangerous drug because it can:
ANSWER: cause intense dependency and addiction after a short period of time

Phencyclidine is commonly known as:

LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) is known to:
ANSWER: distort time

When alcohol and marijuana are used together:
ANSWER: they are more hazardous than using either substance alone

When alcohol and marijuana are mixed, it is definitely more hazardous than using either substance alone.

The effects of crack are very similar to those produced by cocaine:
ANSWER: true

Cocaine affects the central nervous system and causes narrowing of the blood vessels:

The use of amphetamines can:
A.) cause confusion
B.) cause inability to concentrate
C.) cause blurred vision
D.) all of the above

ANSWER: all of the above

Alcohol can be eliminated from the blood stream by:
A.) lungs
B.) urine
C.) oxidation in the liver
D.) all of the above

ANSWER: all of the above

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug

Hallucinogens are also called "psychedelics" or "mind expanders".

______ effects of alcohol will be different for each individual because of which of the following:
A.) weight
B.) amount of food in stomach
C.) built up tolerance level
D.) all of the above

ANSWER: all of the above

Approximately what percent of alcohol is eliminated through the lungs?

If you are drinking 100 Proof whiskey and you ask the bartender to make it a double shot, how many ounces of pure alcohol are you drinking?
2 oz. shot x .50 Alc = 1 oz. Pure Alcohol.

One of the major direct causes of highway accidents, and the violation contributing to most fatal accidents, is:
ANSWER: speed

Maryland law defines negligent driving as:
ANSWER: Driving a motor vehicle in a careless manner, as to endanger the property or life of another person.

If involved in an accident, you are required by law to show your driver's license and registration card to the investigating officer, and:
ANSWER: when requested , to anyone having property damage or personal injury

The driver and/or owner of a motor vehicle which is involved in a personal injury and/or death related accident must file an accident report to the Motor Vehicle Administration if a report is not made by a police officer. This report must be filed within:
ANSWER: 15 days

An accident report must be submitted to the MVA if the accident involves death or injury and is not investigated by the police. Evidence of ________ must be filed with that report.
ANSWER: liability insurance

You get _____ points for failing to stop when there is an injury or death, and you get ______ points for failing to stop when there are property damages only.
ANSWER: 12, 8

How many points are placed on a driver's record, if convicted of failing to stop in a personal injury and/or death related accident?
ANSWER: 12 points

How many points are placed on a driver's record, if convicted of failing to stop in a property damage accident?
ANSWER: 8 points

Running red lights is one of the most common aggressive driver behaviors. It accounts for:
ANSWER: 22% of urban crashes
EXPLANATION: Running red lights is one of the most common aggressive driving behaviors, and a bigger problem than most people think. It accounts for 22 percent of all urban crashes, and almost half of those accidents result in injuries.

Statistics show that 75% of all accidents involving death or injury occur within:
ANSWER: 25 miles from home

A divided highway is where the opposing traffic is separated by:
ANSWER: a physical construction or obstruction
EXPLANATION: A divided highway is where the opposing traffic is separated by some physical obstruction such as grass, concrete median strip or guardrail. The opposing traffic is actually on two separate highways. But remember, you have breaks in the median to make left turns, intersections, stop signs, traffic lights, and all types of motor vehicle controls.

The maximum speed you may drive on an ordinary highway in a business section is:
ANSWER: 30 mph

In an uncontrolled intersection, where two vehicles approach the intersection at approximately the same time, who must yield?
ANSWER: you must yield to the driver on your right./The driver on the right

What is the meaning of a flashing red traffic signal light at an intersection?
ANSWER: stop completely and proceed when it is safe

When stopping at an intersection, you can inch forward beyond the stopline after stopping behind it.

What determines the general meaning of a highway sign in all weather conditions?
ANSWER: shape

If there is any doubt as to who has the right-of-way, what should you do?
ANSWER: Yield the right of way

If there is any doubt as to who has the right-of-way, what should you do?
ANSWER: let the other vehicle proceed

A five-sided sign that has a pentagon shape is:
ANSWER: a school sign

The color of a traffic sign has a general meaning and tells you what action is required. Orange warns of:
ANSWER: construction

The circular shaped sign means:
ANSWER: railroad
EXPLANATION: Railroad crossing: This is a circular shaped sign giving notice of a railroad grade crossing, and is yellow and black in color. A stop is NOT necessary unless the signal at the crossing is activated, a crossing gate is lowered, a flagman gives a signal to stop, a train emits a signal, or its nearness is a hazard.

Regulatory signs are usually triangular in shape.
ANSWER: FALSE. They are RECTANGULAR in shape with black lettering on a white background.

A broken line on the road surface permits passing when safe to do so, in either direction. This applies ONLY to white broken lines.
ANSWER: False. this applies to BOTH white and yellow broken lines.

You are allowed to drive over the white line if you are attempting to pass a car on the RIGHT.
ANSWER: Never drive off the pavement or main traveled portion of the road when passing - which includes going over the white line.

When is it safe to pass?
ANSWER: broken line, roadway clear.

When driving in heavy traffic, you should:
ANSWER: keep pace with the other traffic (within the speed limit) and stay in your selected lane.

Knowing the laws and rules of the road will allow you to anticipate how other drivers will act.
ANSWER: true

Reaching your destination safely will largely depend on:
ANSWER: your performance behind the wheel

What is part of your communications system when driving?
A.) horn
B.) directional signals
C.) eye contact
D.) all of the above

ANSWER: all of the above

A police officer may issue a citation when a sound amplification system (radio or tape player, etc.) can be heard outside the vehicle at a distance of:
ANSWER: 50 ft or more

In which situation is it unlawful to drive at an unreasonably slow speed:
ANSWER: When impeding or blocking the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.

Your driving performance is constantly being challenged on the roadway. Those who have the greatest accident potential are bicyclists and pedestrians.
ANSWER: true

If you lose control of your vehicle and collide with a fixed object, such as a tree, at 60 m.p.h., the force of impact is the same as driving your vehicle off a:
ANSWER: 10 story building

A driver approaching an intersection should:
ANSWER: decrease your speed

What is the first thing you should do if your vehicle becomes disabled on the traveled portion of the highway?
ANSWER: Move the vehicle completely off the traveled part of the road before making an attempt to get service

A person riding a bicycle in the roadway must:
ANSWER: ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practical

Bicycles are not permitted on roadways (paved portion) with posted maximum speed limits higher than ______.
ANSWER: 50 mph

At night, a bicycle must be equipped with a RED light on the BACK, that is visible for a distance of:
ANSWER: red rear reflector visible at a distance of 600 feet

At night, a bicycle must be equipped with a white light on the front, that is visible for a distance of:
ANSWER: 500 feet

Visibility is one of the main problems when sharing the road with motorcycles.
ANSWER: true

What can you do in conditions of very poor visibility to help other drivers?
ANSWER: Turning on your hazard lights can help others to see you in heavy snow or rain storms, etc.

What percent of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death?

It is mandatory under Maryland law that a person may not operate a motor vehicle unless the driver and all passengers are restrained by a seat belt or a child safety seat.
ANSWER: true

A child safety seat secures the child when properly fastened. This device applies to Class:
A.) A (Passenger)
B.) E (Truck) 3/4 ton or less
C.) M (Multipurpose vehicles)
D.) All of the above

ANSWER: All of the above

The occupants of a vehicle not wearing a seat belt, traveling at a speed of 60 m.p.h. and striking a fixed object will:
ANSWER: continue to travel at 60 m.p.h. until something stops them

No vehicle shall make a U-TURN in order to proceed in the opposite direction where you cannot see another vehicle approaching from either direction within a distance of:
ANSWER: 500 feet

On a two-lane, two-way road you cannot pass or overtake another vehicle within how many feet of a bridge, viaduct, tunnel, intersection, or railroad grade crossing?
ANSWER: 100 feet

Having driven your vehicle in an intersection in a lane marked LEFT TURN ONLY, you should:
ANSWER: make the left turn only

A driver may drive off the main-traveled portion of the roadway in passing and overtaking on the right.
ANSWER: false

Estimated reaction distance = 80 plus 8 and estimated total stopping distance = 80 multiplied by 8. You are becoming a more informed and educated driver.
To recover from hydroplaning, you should try to turn the steering wheel or apply the brakes.
ANSWER: Never turn the steering wheel or apply the brakes when hydroplaning - it could cause a skid.

You should turn your headlights from high beam to low beams when you are _______ behind a vehicle, and are _______ within an oncoming vehicle.
ANSWER: 300 feet , 500 feet

When following another vehicle, within how many feet from the rear of that vehicle do we turn our headlights to low beam?
ANSWER: 300 feet

A drivers headlights should be turned from high beam to low beam within how many feet from an oncoming vehicle?
ANSWER: 500 feet

When driving during heavy fog, rain, or snow, you should always use:
ANSWER: low beams lights

When meeting a vehicle with blinding headlights, you should:
ANSWER: look to the right

When you hear a siren or bell or see an emergency vehicle approaching with flashing lights (red, white, or blue), you must:
ANSWER: immediately drive to a position parallel to the edge or curb of the roadway and stop

You are allowed to cut through a funeral procession if your exit is quickly approaching.
ANSWER: According to the law, you are not allowed to cut through, join, or interfere with a funeral procession.

The driver of a vehicle upon meeting or overtaking any school vehicle, that is flashing warning lights, shall stop at least how many feet away from the front or rear of the school vehicle:
ANSWER: 20 feet

How soon before making a turn should you give a signal?
ANSWER: 100 feet

If a pedestrian is crossing the street in a marked crosswalk, you should:
ANSWER: yield the right-of-way

When you are following vehicles which often stop (buses, post office trucks), or when driving in bad weather, you should increase your following distance to:
ANSWER: 3 or 4 seconds

You should get into the habit of checking your mirrors how often?
ANSWER: 7-8 seconds

It is against the law to drive too slow where you are tying up traffic.
ANSWER: true

If you were traveling at a speed of 80 mph, your approximate reaction distance would be _____ and your total stopping distance would be _______.
ANSWER: 88, 640

To be able to react promptly to emergencies, hands should be placed on opposite sides of the steering wheel in the ______ o'clock and _____ o'clock positions.
ANSWER: 8:00 and 4:00

A leaky exhaust system not only causes a loud noise but also:
ANSWER: gives out poisonous fumes that could get inside the car

If a tire blows on your car, you should:
ANSWER: let the car slow down on its own

Replacing a clogged air filter can increase your mileage by _____ percent.

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