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UTAH Driver's Ed Learners Permit Practice Test Answers 1

5.6 sharing the road
Before you get out of your car
ANSWER:check for bicyclists before you open your door.

Before pulling out into the street motorists should
ANSWER:yield to all bicyclists

When making a left turn,
ANSWER:yield to cyclists as well as pedestrians

When cars and bicyclists are driving on the road
ANSWER:drivers should look for hazards that might cause a cyclist to swerve in front of them.

When you are making a right hand turn
ANSWER:you should slow down for the cyclist.

As a walker, jogger, or other type of pedestrian, if there are sidewalks, you must use them.

When driving you should check your blind spots
ANSWER:before changing lanes or passing.

Pedestrians, including walkers and joggers, should face the same direction as traffic.

When a bicyclist is on the sidewalk, a driver should
ANSWER:stop before he crosses the sidewalk.

When passing a cyclist you must give them
ANSWER:three feet

At stop signs
ANSWER:whoever is there first gets to go first.

5.7 railroad saftey
Finish the following comparison.A sedan (car) is to a ________ as a train is to a _______.
ANSWER:can of soda, sedan (car)

If you are killed by a train, it is only you and your immediate family that are impacted.

Once a train has passed through the crossing, it is safe to drive through even if the lights are still flashing.

At a passive train crossing, what are the warning indicators that a driver is approaching a train crossing? Check all that apply. (PS These warnings are at ALL train crossings, but passive ones do NOT have any electronic indicators of any kind.) Select all that apply.
ANSWER:White and black crossbuck sign at the crossing with an additional sign indicating how many tracks, if there is more than one set
White R X R pavement markings in the lane or lanes that will cross the track or tracks
Yellow, round warning sign
Double, solid yellow paint lines indicating no passing

Both the front AND the back bumper of your car have to be at least 15 feet away from the nearest rail.

When driving in the dark, there is no way to know you are approaching a train crossing so it is possible you might drive into the side of a train.

If your vehicle stalls, gets stuck, or stops on or very near train tracks, the best thing to do is get out and run in the same general direction the train is traveling.

Is it ever acceptable to drive around lowered automatic gate arms or pass a stopped car going the same direction you are at a train crossing?

How many football fields long does it take a freight train traveling at 55 MPH to stop?

You are about 40 times more likely to die in a crash with a train than in a crash with another motor vehicle.

It is OK to stay on your bicycle on a train platform.

There are three reasons that trains are always given the right of way. What are they? Select all that apply.
ANSWER:Trains cannot swerve,
Trains cannot stop quickly, or change direction to avert collisions.
A train traveling at 55 miles per hour takes a mile or more to stop.

5.8 Financial Responsibility, Insurance, and Collisions
What type of insurance is the most common way to provide future proof that a driver will be able to pay for any damage if they are responsible for a future collision?

Of the types of insurance discussed in this video, which are required by law? Select all that apply.
ANSWER:Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
Personal Injury Protection

Of the types of insurance discussed in this video, which may be required by your lien holder (EG bank or credit union)? Select all that apply.

Which of the following is NOT one of the five things this video taught you to do in the event of a collision?
ANSWER:control the scene

If a driver fails to provide proof of responsibility (insurance), what might be a consequence? Select all that apply.
ANSWER:Suspension or revocation of driver license
Loss of motor vehicle registration
Loss of license plates

5.9 Registration
Which of the following vehicles must be registered? Select all that apply.
off highway vehicles

After-market sun screening devices are not approved for use in Utah. Window tint materials must comply with Utah law. The front windows to the immediate left and right of the driver must allow no less than 50% light transmittance.

When registering a vehicle in Utah, the following items must be taken to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV): Select all that apply.
ANSWER:Utah Safety Inspection Certificate
Utah Emission Certificates

5.10 Basic Vehicle Maintenance
If your coolant is cloudy or have oil in it, you might have a major issue that needs to be repaired.

What items did he list off that should be checked under the vehicle? Select all that apply.
ANSWER:emergancy brake lines
leaks of any fluid in the engine compartment
differential (on that car)
CV boots
brake lines
fuel lines

When changing your oil, you should... Select all that apply.
ANSWER:consult your owner's manual for things like oil type and weight.
carefully collect all the used oil and take it to an oil recycling center, if changing the oil yourself.
be sure to not overfill your oil reservoir.

You can use any old can of brake fluid to fill the reservoir, no matter if it has been sitting around for a while and opened.

What items did he check under the hood? Select all that apply.
brake fluid
windshield washer fluid
transmttion fluid
air filter

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