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Driving Ed Online offers DMV approved Drivers Education, Graduated Driver Licensing and Driver Training courses which meet all the state DMV requirements for teens who want to get their learners permit & Driver's License through Virtual Driving Online. Topic Covers Safe driving behavior, Creating safe drivers on Road. How to drive defensively, traffic signals, rules and regulations, types of parking, traffic infraction points and fines. Vehicle speed limits, car repair, car Insurance Coverage, Car Maintenance, performance. ► Defensive Driving and traffic school courses help you to lower auto insurance rates, remove points from driver record, dismiss traffic ticket and to become a responsible driver. This course is 100% online and approved throughout your State. Complete the driving safety course and get rid of traffic tickets or lower your vehicle insurance premiums and keep your driver record clean.

2024 Virginia DMV Driver Improvement Course - Driving School Online

Driver Improvement Course Virginia is approved by the DMV and valid in many counties/courts throughout VA. By registering this, you can dismiss your traffic citation and lower your insurance rate. Also Driver Improvement Course VA helps to add 5 safe driving points balance to your driving record.

Need to overcome the complexities of traffic rules?

SIGN UP! For Driver Improvement course Virginia Program to improve your traffic skills and driving knowledge for safe driving techniques and it offers interactive learning environment.

If you received a traffic ticket in VA and ordered by a your local court to take an eight (8) hour traffic school program within 90 days, or the DMV will suspend your driving privilege until you satisfy Virginia Court or Judge Ordered requirements.

Select the right 8 hour driving course to remove demerit points.

Driver improvement Virginia clinic programs are approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. These courses will be determined by your court.

Court Ordered - Point Reduction Course:
This VA point reduction course is for drivers who have been ordered by the court to take an 8 hour traffic school class to dismiss Virginia traffic ticket.

Court Ordered - Fine Reduction Course:
For Virginia drivers who have been ordered by the court to complete the course to reduce court fines and court fees associated with traffic ticket.

Court Ordered - Non-resident Course:
For non resident (out of state) drivers who received a traffic ticket in virginia and have been ordered by the court to register this class to dismiss VA ticket. If you are not a Virginia Driver’s license holder.
Note: This driver improvement class VA (for out of state drivers) won't add any benefits to your driving record.

State DMV Required:
For drivers who have been referred by the Virginia DMV to complete this DMV approved driver improvement course VA.

Upon successfully completion of this course you get 5 Safe Driving Points Balance. This online course is only for virginia license holders and can be taken once every 24 months.

These 5 points can be used to offset the points if in case you receive traffic ticket in future.

Insurance Discount Course Virginia:
Upon completing this course, your auto insurance company may offer a discount. Before enrolling this online defensive driving course Virginia, Check with your insurance company.

Note: This Virginia driving school eight hour course is not for drivers under the age of 20 or who possess a CDL

In Virginia driver improvement program you have the opportunity to reduce the demerit driving points that are on your driving record and it is the easiest and fastest method for dismissal of VA county traffic ticket. If you’re planning to decrease the burden of your auto insurance, then doing this 8 hour driving class online could be the best solution to do so.

Why Virginia defensive driving school online is for?

• To erase demerit points for a moving violation.
• To fulfill Virginia Court or judge Ordered driving safety program.
• To satisfy DMV Ordered driver improvement clinic program requirements.
• To add up to 5 Safe driving points to your driver's license.
• For Voluntary or Personal Use or For Insurance discounts

Virginia driver improvement course online program is completely flexible, unique, economical, affordable and of course easiest when compared to others. Unlike other VA traffic schools, driving improvement classes in VA program is designed keeping the novice internet user in mind such a way that it is simple, easy and interactive. This course tracks by sections as you go, so you can take this course at your leisure.

We always have a doubt: Can you complete VA required classroom 8 hours for driving online? Yes you can complete driving in Virginia online classes. Virginia driving school helps you to remove a speeding ticket from your record in VA.

Check the details at ( DMV state Driver Improvement Program & ( for Driver Improvement Clinics

Since your time and money is very precious, the course at the lowest cost and also you can take up the Virginia better driver improvement classes according to your convenience and schedule. Taking this Virginia driving improvement course program, lets you become a safe and better driver, learn how to handle different traffic situations, learn about traffic safety and learn how to become a better Virginia driver.

Why should you choose defensive driving class Virginia?

• User friendly chapter, easy to finish.
• No boring classes.
• Offer you the course at best price.
• All courses are self-paced.
• 24/7 customer support helps you with all relevant issues.
• Guaranteed to pass the exam.

Eight hour driving improvement course Virginia

Virginia DMV 8 hrs driving school makes your traffic school experience swift and effortless at the same time by making it entertaining, educational and user friendly. DMV point reduction online class is the easiest way to remove points from your license.

Final exam
Once you are done with the final exam, your Completion Certificate will be delivered depends on delivery mode you have chosen. A score of 80% or higher is required to pass the exam.

It is the fastest and easiest method of dismissal of ticket and insurance reduction and also Virginia Driving School completely satisfies your traffic dismissal requirements.

Click Here For More Information on Virginia Demerit Point System

A Driver Improvement Course Licensed by DMV Will Put You Back on the Road to Safe Driving:

If you are convicted of a demerit-point traffic violation, VIrginia DMV requires to complete Driver improvement course (DIC) online prior to the issuance of a certificate of completion and award of five safe driving points.

When you complete a driver improvement clinic, you’ll learn defensive driving techniques that can help you avoid and prevent crashes. Contact the court to be sure it will accept a computer based course or whether you are eligible to take online course.

If Virginia DMV requires you to complete the Driving improvement course, you must complete the entire eight-hour course. If you fail to complete the clinic program within 90 days, DMV will suspend your driver’s license until you complete the course. (i.e., DMV will suspend your driving privilege for 90 days and require that you complete a driver improvement clinic)

Students must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to successfully complete the course.

Enroll an Eight-hour driver improvement clinic for department of motor vehicles, VIRGINIA.

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The purpose of driving safety program is to increase road safety awareness by reducing traffic violations and to keep your auto insurance premiums low. Handle Speeding ticket, stop sign citation, lawyer for fighting traffic tickets & other violations.

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Vehicle Accident Advice
• In the event of a vehicle accident, drivers are legally obliged to stop if their vehicles has caused injury or damage.
• You must ensure the scene is safe; switch off all engines, turn on hazard warning lights and alert oncoming traffic about the accident.
• Call the emergency services (911) if anyone is injured, the accident has caused a hazardous situation or anyone involved in the accident has left the scene without leaving their details.
• Exchange your name, phone number and insurance company details/information with the other driver and make a note of their car number.
• Get the details of any witnesses to the accident.
• It may also be useful to take pictures of the scene.
• Regardless of fault or if you're planning to make a damage claim, you should inform your insurance company of any accident you are involved in.