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How to Pass a Texas DPS Driving Road and Vision Test

Scheduling Your Appointment, make sure you're 100 prepared for what you'll be facing when you schedule your driver's license appointment. All new drivers in Texas are required to pass a written exam covering road signs, driving laws, and penalties.

If you're preparing to head to your local Department of Public Safety (DPS) to get your driver's license, there are several things. When scheduling your driving test, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Go through the Texas Driver's License over 18 Checklist.

Driving Test Requirements: Things Needed for a Driving Test in Texas.
  • First, you will need to arrive with a working vehicle(car) that should be yours or a rental vehicle.

  • If you use a rental vehicle for the test, the person taking the driving test must be listed on the rental agreement as an authorized driver. You must show proof that the rental vehicle is covered.
Learn more before Scheduling a Driving Test at Texas DPS: An applicant may only schedule one appointment. A driving school may not schedule the appointment for the applicant. Duplicate appointments will be canceled without notice. At any time, you may reply with C to cancel your appointment.

Getting a driver's license is a huge milestone for most. For drivers 18-24, you must bring proof of completion of your Texas Adult Driver's Ed course on test day. If you took an online course with, you will have already passed your written exam, so all you'll need to do.

Here are the texas Road / driving test tips before you hit the open roads in Texas, you'll need to pass the driving test to earn your new driver's license. Are you prepared? We'll help you get ready to get behind the wheel.

How to Pass a Texas Road Test:

To earn your new driver's license in Texas, you'll need to pass the driving test at DPS. Here is the Guide that helps you well prepare for your road test.
  • A driving instructor will be watching to ensure you obey posted speed limits, drive at a safe distance from other vehicles, and obey road signs and signals accurately.

  • A driving examiner will want to know you're in complete control of the vehicle. You should know where everything is, from the gearshift, to the turn signal, to the emergency brake.

  • Making proper turns including a U-turn and a 3-point turn. Backing up, obeying speed laws, road signs, and traffic signals. Proper use of turn signals and mirrors.

  • In addition, checking your mirrors frequently indicates you're aware of your surroundings. Watch for changes on the road such as quick speed changes, pedestrians, or increased traffic. All of these factors will play into your reactions, and the instructor will.

  • Don't rely solely on your mirrors remember to turn your head and check your blind spots before changing lanes or turning.

  • A driving examiner will not penalize you for making a safe choice, only for making a risky one.

  • And Basic Driving Skills to be presented confidence behind the wheel.

How to Pass a Texas DPS Vision/Eye Test:

A vision test is required if you are applying for a new Texas driver's license. To legally drive a car in Texas, you must have a best-corrected visual acuity of 20/50 or better.
  • All drivers taking the vision test will also be tested for color blindness. It's good to note that vision worse than 20/200 is considered legally blind, and a driver's license will not be issued. You may be prescribed glasses or corrective lenses to improve your vision. Once you've met the requirements, you can head back to the Texas DPS to take the test again if you pass your vision test while wearing contact lenses.

  • If you fail to meet the DPS criteria for vision screening (not the same as the legal requirement for driving the DPS will give you a form to take to your eye doctor to have a formal visual evaluation. The first third of the the numbers are visible only to the left eye, the middle third are seen with both, and the last third are seen only by the right eye.

  • You will be required to drive only during daylight hours and no faster than 45 MPH. If you do wear prescription corrective eyewear, glasses or contact lenses, be sure to wear them when you are taking your test.

  • The most common restrictions drivers face include: Wearing glasses or contact lenses when driving. Nighttime driving prohibited, limits to daytime driving, including no rush hour or freeway driving. Addition of special vision-improving devices or mirrors. Be prepared to answer questions about your current medical conditions and pass a vision test. Be prepared for the DPS employee to take your picture and thumb print.

After passing these tests, the Texas Driver License office employees will take your photograph and a thumbprint (10 fingerprints), then issue you your instruction.

Why DPS takes all 10 fingerprints when you get your driver's license

The Texas Department of Public Safety would like to clear up any misconceptions related to the legality of the expanded fingerprinting process within the Texas driver’s license system.

These misconceptions are based on a lack of accurate or comprehensive information about this topic. DPS believes Texans deserve to have all the facts about the fingerprint law and the protections it provides our residents.

DPS has been charged by the Texas Legislature with the significant responsibility of issuing Texas driver’s licenses and Texas identification cards — a responsibility the department takes very seriously. On average, DPS issues about 6 million licenses and ID cards per year, including renewals. The department has a duty to protect and ensure the integrity of the driver’s license system, as these government-issued documents serve as de facto identification documents nationwide, which can be used to board a plane, conduct financial transactions, etc.

The 10-print fingerprint process, which is authorized in existing Texas law, was implemented earlier this year after funding for this expansion was approved by the Legislature. The department is confident in the legal authority to collect all 10 fingerprints. It is also important to remember that for the better part of 45 years, DPS had collected thumbprints through the driver’s license system and digital thumbprints since 1995.

Making sure individuals are who they claim to be in the process of issuing government identification is a critical safeguard to protecting the public against criminal threats. It is important to understand that the only reliable way to establish a person’s identity is to collect all 10 fingerprints.

Additionally, the Image Verification System mandated by Texas statute in 2005 authorizes DPS to use license and ID photos and “thumbprints or fingerprints” to help law enforcement protect the public by detecting fraud, identifying criminals and potentially solving crimes.

Some have falsely stated that the fingerprint images obtained at driver’s license offices are used to search an applicant’s criminal history — but this is simply not true. The state’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System is a fingerprint identification database; it can only be accessed for investigative or statutory purposes. Without 10 prints to integrate into the system, there are major gaps in public safety that leave law-abiding citizens vulnerable to identity theft and other schemes of criminal operatives.

DPS works to protect residents from ever-changing threats, including the growing incidence of identity fraud. This new fingerprint technology provides crucial protections to the state and our residents, including:

  • Reducing driver’s license or ID card fraud by preventing duplicate or alias licensing.
  • Preventing the cards from being used fraudulently to obtain goods, services or other forms of identification.
  • Helping guard against identity theft, which affects millions of victims nationwide every year.

In addition, the transition to 10 prints bolsters other processes in the overall licensing strategy to deter terrorists and other criminals from obtaining Texas licenses or ID cards to support their covert movements within our country.

We appreciate the public’s support of the state’s efforts to fortify the driver’s license system to protect law-abiding Texans against identity theft and fraud and to protect our state from criminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities of antiquated systems. DPS has an obligation to combat these threats, and Texans expect and deserve these critical safeguards.


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