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2024 AARP Mature Driver Refresher 55 Alive Driving Course Online

The AARP Safe Driving program, known as 55 Alive Driving Course, is a course that addresses the physical changes that can affect your driving ability and behavior, and ways to compensate for these changes. The number "55" in the course name refers to the average age when physical changes begin to impact a person's driving ability.

These changes interfere with vision, hearing, and physical strength that typically influence driving ability,  attitudes, and the impact of medications when driving, as well as their effect when mixed with alcohol prior to driving.

These problems are what lead to the typical traffic violations committed by older drivers, including failure to yield the right-of-way, improper left turns, incorrect lane changing, passing, and entering and leaving highways/expressways.

This AARP 55 Alive Driving Course teaches the rules of the road. You can learn about driving problems and situations that you face in your daily life and how to prevent accidents. You are taught the proper use & maintenance of your vehicle, the safety aspects of the car as well, including safety seat belt usage, airbags, antilock brakes, child safety seats and more.

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Once you complete the 55 alive online class, you can inform you insurance company to obtain possible premium discounts on your car insurance rates. Then you can be assured that you have done everything possible to be an informed and experienced defensive driver.

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AARP Driver Safety Program

AARP safe driving course has helped millions of drivers remain safe on the road.

All drivers 50 and over are eligible for the AARP Driver Safety Program. AARP defensive driving course is for mature drivers age 50 and older, and designed to help drivers improve their skills, traffic violations and prevent traffic accidents.

State DMV Approved Mature Driver Improvement Course Eligibility: Primarily serves persons 55 years of age or older.

You will be encouraged to look honestly at your driving habits while reinforcing the good ones, consider new habits, and increase awareness of changes in the roads, cars, and yourself.

AARP drive safe course helps to learn how to handle some of today’s toughest driving challenges such as compensating for changes in vision, hearing and reaction time; aggressive drivers; and how medications may affect driving. Also, learn how to handle problem situations such as left turns, right-of-way, freeway traffic, trucks and adjusting side view mirrors to eliminate blind spots by taking aarp driving course. Learn know how to properly use anti-lock brakes, air bags and safety belts? There are no tests to take and you may be eligible to receive a discount on your auto insurance premium just for taking the safe-driving course.

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This AARP refresher course online emphasizes how to adjust your driving in response to age-related physical changes and declining perceptual skills, rules of the road, local driving problems, safety tips, and license renewal requirements. Auto insurance companies offer a discount to course graduates.

55 Alive Mature Driver Refresher Course
“Mature” is a Code Word for “Changing”

The fact is, we’re all changing all the time. Our ability to drive encompasses our knowledge and experience, along with visual, physical and mental capabilities. While our knowledge and experience continue to expand, we have to adapt to changes in our vision, physical health and mental capabilities to remain safe, responsible drivers.

These changes may be so subtle we don’t notice them happening, but they are predictable. For example:

• At age 40: Mental sharpness begins to diminish, thought processing slows, multitasking is more challenging, night vision worsens and recovery from glare is reduced.
• At age 50: Nine in 10 people require bifocals, and reaction time slows.
• At age 60: Muscle strength and range of motion decrease by as much as 25 percent.
• At age 70: Arthritic joints may make movement painful and restrict mobility, and conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, hyper- tension and diabetes may affect perception and behavior.

Motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) among senior drivers age 55+ is an important traffic safety and public health issue.

Enrolling 55+ Alive DRIVER SAFETY PROGRAM helps Older Drivers Improve Skills, Avoid Accidents and Traffic Violations.

55 alive Driver Refresher Course is the nation's first and largest classroom driver improvement course specially designed for motorists age 50 and older.

The eight-hour course is taught in two, four-hour sessions spanning two days.
The cost of the course is $14.00. The course helps drivers refine existing skills and develop safe, defensive driving techniques.

Upon successfully completing the course, graduates of the 55 plus alive Driver Safety Online Program may be eligible to receive a state - mandated multi- year discount on their auto insurance premiums.

Driver Safety Program covers the following topics:

• Vision and hearing changes
• Effects of medication
• Reaction time changes
• Left turns and other right- of- way situations
• New laws and how they affect you
• Hazardous driving situations

Enroll 55 Alive Mature Driving Course online - Improve your driving skills, and if you're 55 or older, get a discount on your personal auto insurance.


Protect your driving privileges in your Golden age.
As people are living longer, the number of older drivers on the road is increasing rapidly. According to Government statistics, the number of drivers over 55 is multiplying three times as much as other age groups. These numbers will continue to proliferate until millions will be driving in the eighties and nineties.

Older folks take more medication and are susceptible to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease as well as dementia and failing vision, among other ailments. They have short attention spans and do not process information as they did when they were younger.

Driving an automobile is without question a vital part of a senior's self-esteem, happiness and independence. Except for losing a loved one, surrendering a drivers' license can be the most traumatic and devastating blow a senior may encounter.

Many senior drivers find themselves in their heart-wrenching situation that destroys their freedom.

Over the years, driving a motor vehicle has become increasingly hazardous. Drive in any city or populous area and it would be unusual if you did not witness driving infraction. Driving over the speed limit is a common practice as is going through traffic lights when they change to red.

When senior drivers commit traffic violations they are held more accountable because of their age. It is probable that older drivers will be confronted with a crisis which could jeopardize their driving future. If their driving record falls below that of the general public it is likely that they will be asked to take a Mature driver improvement course to refresh their driving skills and re-examination. Some of them will lack the confidence to be re-examined and will forfeit their driver licenses.

55 plus drivers refresher course online helps to avoid accidents which reflect lack of concentration and prepares you to maintain their driving privileges. The course contents can enable you to drive with a more acute awareness and help you to be better driver in your "Golden" years.

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The purpose of driving safety program is to increase road safety awareness by reducing traffic violations and to keep your auto insurance premiums low. Handle Speeding ticket, stop sign citation, lawyer for fighting traffic tickets & other violations.

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