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Driving Ed Online offers DMV approved Drivers Education, Graduated Driver Licensing and Driver Training courses which meet all the state DMV requirements for teens who want to get their learners permit & Driver's License through Virtual Driving Online. Topic Covers Safe driving behavior, Creating safe drivers on Road. How to drive defensively, traffic signals, rules and regulations, types of parking, traffic infraction points and fines. Vehicle speed limits, car repair, car Insurance Coverage, Car Maintenance, performance. ► Defensive Driving and traffic school courses help you to lower auto insurance rates, remove points from driver record, dismiss traffic ticket and to become a responsible driver. This course is 100% online and approved throughout your State. Complete the driving safety course and get rid of traffic tickets or lower your vehicle insurance premiums and keep your driver record clean.

2024 Traffic School Online Florida - 4hr, 8hr &12hr Defensive Driving Courses

Everyday in Florida, drivers receive a Florida traffic ticket or traffic citation for violating road rules and regulations, such as careless driving, aggressive driving, improper lane change, jumping red lights, rolling through a stop light, speeding, driving Without a license, and other moving violations or a non-moving violation.

In general a traffic ticket constitutes only traffic citation, summons to appear at traffic court or Pay the civil penalty or complete a driving safety program. The state requires you to pay your traffic ticket within 30 days and additional 30 to 90 days from the time you paid the ticket to complete traffic safety course which depends on your Florida drivers license.

If you opt for working on Florida Online Traffic School course, your auto insurance rates won't go up and your policy won't get canceled. This means your violation is “masked” and it will not appear on driving records accessed by insurance companies and thus, will be less likely to raise your premiums.

But if you opt to pay penalty or to appear at traffic court, with a determination of guilt to be made only in court then obviously your auto insurance rates may increase and even there is a chance your insurance policy may get canceled.

Know how to get a ticket off your record.

Got a traffic ticket? Want to lower the penalty and keep points off your Florida driver license? Have you been court ordered to take a traffic school course? Or do you simply need to improve your driving skills? The Florida in traffic school online courses offered from online defensive driving meets all traffic traffic ticket dismissal.

Getting a traffic ticket is no fun. And being condemned to a traffic school classroom well, that's no vacation either. That's why online 4 hr BDI, 8 hr Intermediate Course & 12 hr Advanced Driver Improvement Course is the perfect alternative to classroom settings.

► 4 hour Basic Driver Improvement Course Florida

If you have received a citation and have been ordered by the court to take a 4-hour BDI (Basic Driver Improvement) and traffic collision avoidance course (TCAC) )traffic school class. And with defensive driving online Florida, this course is presented by certified instructors who meet the state of FL requirements.

By taking the traffic school online FL course, you can keep points off your record for the current violation, keep you insurance from increasing as long as there is no accident associated with the ticket, and your safe driver status will be maintained.

Benefits of Florida online defensive driving:

•  Become a safer more defensive driver.
•  Obtain insurance rate discounts.
•  Remove or prevent points from being added to your FL drivers license.
•  Lower Florida traffic citation and ticket fees.
•  Improve your diving skills.
•  No insurance increases as long there is no accident associated with the ticket.
•  Various certificate delivery options.

And so, you become a DHSMV approved safer driver that helps you reducing the points, canceling the tickets and availing an insurance discount in the Florida driving School Ticket Dismissal course.

► Florida 8 hr Traffic School Course:

You're free to study when you want because FL 8 hr Traffic School is 100% online and is designed to fit your schedule, you have the freedom to complete the course on your time line. No wasting time in a classroom.

Instead, you have the flexibility to study whenever and where ever you want. Florida 8 hr defensive driving class is for drivers who have been ordered by the courts to take the course due to:

• Multiple traffic citations.
• Mandatory or serious traffic violations.
• Being involved in numerous collisions.

In addition, some FL counties allow you to qualify for 8 hr Traffic School if in the last 12 months you have already taken the 4 hour basic driver improvement course Florida. Please check with your county before you sign up and take FL 8 Hour online traffic school course.

► Florida 12 hr Advance Driver Improvement Course

If your Florida court has ordered you to take a Florida advanced driver improvement course then you are in the right place, this course is approved for you. Your license may have been suspended or revoked and the court may require you to complete this 12 Hour ADI Course in order to have your license reinstated.

This advanced driver improvement course (ADI) is approved by the FL state DHSMV (Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) for drivers who are required to complete an advanced 12 Hour course to reinstate suspended license and get their Hardship License.

Florida advanced driver improvement course. Is your License Suspended or Revoked? Need Reinstatement! We can take care of it with our 12-hour adi online Course. ADI School- enroll DHSMV Approved Florida 12-Hour advanced driver improvement Course today and get hardship license right away. 100% Online. 12 hour traffic school Florida ADI course is for excessive point suspensions, habitual traffic offenders and etc. Complete our court ordered FL 12 Hour ADI course.

It is an advanced course that goes into driving safety topics in greater depth than regular traffic school. In general, Florida traffic course curriculum includes driver improvement, DUI laws, road safety and vehicle maintenance.

Register for a Florida Traffic School courses to get the following benefits:

• 18% fine reduction for civil penalties.
• No points remains on driver's record.
• Insurance discounts for the non-offenders and for the offenders no insurance increase till they commit any traffic violation.
• Retainment of safe driver status.

Note: According to Florida Statute 318.14 holders of Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL) are not eligible to take traffic school courses. Find More Information at www flhsmv gov

This Traffic School Online Course is approved in all Florida Counties

Alachua County
Baker County
Bay County
Bradford County
Brevard County
Broward County
Calhoun County
Charlotte County
Citrus County
Clay County
Collier County

Columbia County
Dade County
DeSoto County
Dixie County
Duval County
Escambia County
Flagler County
Franklin County
Gadsden County
Gilchrist County
Glades County

Gulf County
Hamilton County
Hardee County
Hendry County
Hernando County
Highlands County
Hillsborough County
Holmes County
Indian River County
Jackson County
Jefferson County

Lafayette County
Lake County
Lee County
Leon County
Levy County
Liberty County
Madison County
Manatee County
Marion County
Martin County
Monroe County

Nassau County
Okaloosa County
Okeechobee County
Orange County
Osceola County
Palm Beach County
Pasco County
Pinellas County
Polk County
Putnam County
St. Johns County

St. Lucie County
Santa Rosa County
Sarasota County
Seminole County
Sumter County
Suwannee County
Taylor County
Union County
Volusia County
Wakulla County
Walton County
Washington County

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About the Florida Traffic Course Material:

While doing the Course, you will be studying emergency preparedness, accident avoidance, weather conditions, city and highway driving, state specific laws and rules, driving under the influence, and many more important topics. After each unit there is a short quiz based on that unit. The quizzes need to be cleared but they will not affect your final grade.

Final Exam:
After working through all of the units of Florida traffic school courses, it will be necessary to pass the final exam. The exam is taken online and is made up of multiple-choice questions. There should be no surprises because the questions are taken straight from the course material, but if necessary students can look back over the material and retry the exam an unlimited number of times.

Get your Certificate of Completion:
Upon successful completion of florida online traffic school course you get a DHSMV approved certificate of completion at your doorsteps, this proves that you have completed court ordered requirement. This certificate will help you in erasing the traffic related troubles. It will also help you in availing an insurance discount.

Need a Help!
Are your facing any trouble while doing the course. For your convenience all online traffic school courses offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support. Defensive driving course Florida online is Simple, Affordable and Convenient options for Florid drivers. Complete this Florida in traffic school online courses in the privacy of your home at your own pace. Work on this traffic school course at your leisure.

Start Today!
That's the benefits of Florida defensive driving class. Why wait any longer when you could be easily finish your Traffic School online Florida instead of wasting a weekend in a classroom. Easy to do. Convenient to take. And simple to pass.

► Click Here For More Information on Florida Points System and Penalties
Violations that accumulate traffic points & Penalties
For moving violations involving unlawful speed, the fines are as follows:

Penalties for Passing a School Bus

For speed exceeding the limit by Fine
1 to 5 m.p.h Warning
6 to 9 m.p.h $25
10 to 14 m.p.h $100
15 to 19 m.p.h $150
20 to 29 m.p.h $175
30 m.p.h. and above $250

In addition to fines and license points:  Left side pass, second or subsequent offense, results in 90 days to 6 months driver license suspension  Right side pass, first offense, requires a mandatory hearing  Right side pass, second or subsequent offense, requires driver license suspension of 180 days to 1 year

How is the charge of Passing a Stopped School Bus classified (e.g., civil charge only; Class 1 Misdemeanor; etc.)?
ANSWER: Civil charge only

For a CIVIL penalty of passing a stopped school bus, what is the minimum fine?
In the state of florida, passing a stopped school bus with flashing lights will result in a minimum civil penalty of ___________.
ANSWER: $165 left side pass
$265 right side pass

► Click Here For More Information on Civil penalty on various Speed Levels

Construction/School ZoneSpeeding 6 to 9 m.p.hSpeeding 10 to 14 m.p.hSpeeding 15 to 19 m.p.hSpeeding 20 to 29 m.p.hSpeeding 30 m.p.h. and above
Base Fine - Florida Statute 318.18(3)(b)$50$200$300$350$500
Court Facilities - Florida Statute 318.18 (13)(a) when assessed by county ordinance$15$15$15$15$15
Local Law Enforcement Education - Florida Statue 938.15 when assessed by county or muncipality (Fort Myers only Currently)$2$2$2$2$2
Additional Court Cost Clearing Trust Fund - Florida Statue 318.18 (11)(d)$3$3$3$3$3
Additional Court Cost - Clerk - Florida Statue 318.18 (11) (c)$2.5$2.5$2.5$2.5$2.5
Court Cost - Florida Statue 318.18 (11)(a)$35$35$35$35$35
State Courts Revenue Trust Fund - Florida Statue 318.18 (19)(c)$10$10$10$10$10
Administrative Fee - Florida Statue 318.18 (18)$12.5$12.5$12.5$12.5$12.5
Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act (BOCC ordinance) - Florida Statue 318.1215$3$3$3$3$3
State Radio System Surcharge - Florida Statute 318.18 (3)(a)$3$3$3$3$3

What consequences exist (other than fines and/or driver license points) for violators of your state's school bus stop law?:
In the state of florida, passing a stopped school bus with flashing lights will result in a __________ violation.
A violation of passing a stopped school bus will result in __________ points on your driving record.
ANSWER: 4 Points

Did you get a TICKET?
Take the class online and eliminate the points on your license and keep your insurance rates down.
Discover how Florida Online Traffic School keeps traffic tickets & points off your record

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The purpose of driving safety program is to increase road safety awareness by reducing traffic violations and to keep your auto insurance premiums low. Handle Speeding ticket, stop sign citation, lawyer for fighting traffic tickets & other violations.

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Vehicle Accident Advice
• In the event of a vehicle accident, drivers are legally obliged to stop if their vehicles has caused injury or damage.
• You must ensure the scene is safe; switch off all engines, turn on hazard warning lights and alert oncoming traffic about the accident.
• Call the emergency services (911) if anyone is injured, the accident has caused a hazardous situation or anyone involved in the accident has left the scene without leaving their details.
• Exchange your name, phone number and insurance company details/information with the other driver and make a note of their car number.
• Get the details of any witnesses to the accident.
• It may also be useful to take pictures of the scene.
• Regardless of fault or if you're planning to make a damage claim, you should inform your insurance company of any accident you are involved in.