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2024 Traffic School Final Exam Answers California, Traffic School Test Answers 7

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California online traffic school test answers - just 70% correct and you pass! Read the Easy Course Lessons: Answer Simple Quiz Questions:

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Here is the California traffic school test answers reference guide that should help you answer the quizzes and final test with ease. Posted All of the Traffic school California answers are in the course. There is a requirement of at least 70% correct answers on your final exam w.r.t. California traffic school in lieu of ticket.

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California Online Traffic School Test Answers

Question 1. Under the header, lighting, it states that using ____ lights will allow a car, cyclist, or pedestrian to see you sooner.
Correct Answer: daytime

Question 2. Fatal accidents often occur when passing is attempted on a ____ road.
Correct Answer: mountain

Question 3. Under the fast facts in the section titled Kaitlyn's Law, it states that a body core temperature of ____ degrees Fahrenheit is considered lethal.
Correct Answer: 107

Question 4. Under the section that describes tires, the following is stated; tires should be replaced whenever the lowest tread depth anywhere on your tires is below ____ inch.
Correct Answer: 1/32

Question 5. When planning ahead is discussed, it is stated that if you take your eyes off the road for two seconds at 60mph, you have traveled blindly for half the length of a ____ field.
Correct Answer: football

Question 6. In the section, common courtesy is the key to safety, it says that the roadway is ____.
Correct Answer: shared by all drivers

Question 7. Under the header, treat other drivers the way you want to be treated it states, that the most critical of all driver decisions is the choice of ____.
Correct Answer: safety margin

Question 8. Under the section that speaks of Kaitlyn's Law, we are told that on a warm day, temperatures in a car can reach fatal temperatures in as little as ____ minutes.
Correct Answer: 10

Question 9.  When driving on a one lane mountain road, we learn that when your vehicle overheats do not open the radiator cap until the engine is cooled down for ____ minutes or more.
Correct Answer: 30

Question 10. Under the section demands of freeway driving, we learn that at a speed of 70 mph, your visual lead should be ____ to ____ seconds.
Correct Answer: 25, 35

Question 11. Under the header, required brake system, it states that brakes must be capable of bringing a passenger vehicle to a stop within ____ feet from a speed of ____ mph.
Correct Answer: 25, 20

Question 12. In certain California cities, ____ of drivers do NOT have automobile insurance.
Correct Answer: over 50%

Question 13.  In the section defensive driving, it states that if you are under ____ years old in the U.S., the most likely way you will die is in a car crash.
Correct Answer: 33

Question 14. When cell phones are discussed, we are told that you increase the risk of having an accident by ____ % every time you use your cellular phone when driving.
Correct Answer: 400

Question 15. Under the section titled, Adjusting to the Driving Environment, it is stated that, Assuming you have good tires, good brakes and dry pavement, at 55 mph it takes about ____ feet to react and bring a car to a complete stop.
Correct Answer: 300

Question 16. Counter steering is used in the case of ____.
Correct Answer: a skid

Question 17. Liability insurance protects you against ____.
Correct Answer: claims if you are at fault in a collision

Question 18. Alcohol enters the bloodstream through the stomach where about ____ % is absorbed and through the small intestine where about ____ % is absorbed.
Correct Answer: 20,80

Question 19. The section Alcohol and Other Drugs discusses the stages of alcohol influence. A blood-alcohol Concentration of ____ will cause Death from reparatory paralysis.
Correct Answer: 0.45

Question 20. The section Alternatives to Drinking and Driving lists several alternative transportation arrangements. Which of the following is not listed?
Correct Answer: AA

Question 21. It is estimated there is a DUI arrest rate of one in every ____ licensed drivers in the US.
Correct Answer: 130

Question 22.When a vehicle is parked downhill, the wheels should be turned ____.
Correct Answer: toward the curb

Question 23. Proof of financial responsibility must be maintained by ____.
Correct Answer: all drivers

Question 24. An adult is considered too intoxicated to legally drive at a minimum blood level of ____.
Correct Answer: 0.08%

Question 25. By law, if you are involved in a collision, _________.
Correct : you are required to stop

Question 26. To be sure a lane is clear before moving into it, you should ____.
Correct Answer: use your mirrors, turn your head and look in the lane you want to enter

Question 27. You must always look carefully for motorcycles or bicycles before you change lanes or in making a left turn, because they ____.
Correct Answer: are hard to see

Question 28. When backing a passenger vehicle out of a parking place, you should ____.
Correct Answer: turn and look over your right shoulder

Question 29. It is unlawful for anyone under 21 years of age to drive with a blood alcohol level equal to or greater than _____.
Correct Answer: 0.01%

Question 30. It is illegal for an adult to drive with a minimum blood alcohol concentration of ____ or more.
Correct Answer: 0.08%

Question 31. Drinking drivers are involved in about ____ of California's fatal traffic accidents.
Correct Answer: 38%

Question 32. Based upon research conducted over the past 20 years, it is generally accepted that about ____ of all traffic deaths are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol.
Correct Answer: 38%

Question 33. If you are convicted of driving with drugs or alcohol in your body, the judge may give you 48 hours to ____ months in jail.
Correct Answer: 6

Question 34. It is legal to carry an open (unsealed) container of alcohol in your vehicle if ____.
Correct Answer: it is in the trunk

Question 35. You may be considered a negligent driver when your record shows a violation point count of ____.
Correct Answer: 4 points in 12 months

Question 36. If caught driving after your driver's license is suspended, you can ____.
Correct Answer: be fined, jailed, and your vehicle impounded

Question 37. Which section discusses PROBATION, SUSPENSION, REVOCATION?

Question 38. If your vehicle is equipped with air bags you ___.
Correct Answer: still need to wear safety belts

Question 39. You are in a parking lot looking for a parking space. You spot an empty place but there is a woman standing in the middle of the space obviously saving the space for her husband who is nowhere to be seen. Do you ____?
Correct Answer: move on and look for another place

Question 40. Back-up lamps of your vehicle should project _____light.
Correct Answer: white

Question 41. In bad weather, your distance from the vehicle in front should be ____.
Correct Answer: four seconds

Question 42. Which section of the California Vehicle Code governs basic speed limt?
Correct Answer: 22350

Question 43. Driver errors is responsible for ____ percent of all traffic collisions in the United States.
Correct Answer: 85

Question 44. If your right wheel goes off the edge of the pavement while the car is in motion, you should ____.
Correct Answer: grip the steering wheel firmly, do not accelerate, brake gently and turn back on the road when it is safe to do so

Question 45. You must notify the DMV within 5 days if you ____.
Correct Answer: sell or transfer your vehicle

Question 46. You are driving on a freeway posted for 65 mph. Most of the other vehicles are driving 70 mph or faster. You may legally drive ____.
Correct Answer: no faster than 65 mph

Question 47. A solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line means that vehicles ____.
Correct Answer: next to the broken line may pass

Question 48. Traction is poorest ____.
Correct Answer: at or about freezing

Question 49. If you have a blow out while driving you should ____.
Correct Answer: steer firmly, take your foot off the gas and brake cautiously

Question 50. A vehicle that is stopped, parked or left standing on a freeway (even if disabled) for more than ____ may be removed.
Correct Answer: 4 hours

California Traffic School Final Exam Answers 8 | California Traffic School Test Answers 8

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